The tallest statue in the world, Ushiku Daibutsu.

this always gives me chills


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July 24 2014


well this is my life now ..I guess………. Rick and mMorty…………… hundred years……………..„……..,….

July 23 2014


two sketchbooks I made last night- the witch one is for my good friends birthday (80 pages) and the little one is for me (36 pages)




a fun way to start the day is by getting a call from a robot pretending to be a human

just watch it

holy jesus christ


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Can we talk about how Steve Rogers would probably fight to keep abortion legal and safe, because he saw how many people used to die back in the day because all abortions were illegal and unsafe and he knows if a person is pregnant and don’t want to be pregnant they will find a way to not be pregnant?

Can we talk about Steve Rogers telling off right wing politicians who say minimum wage isn’t supposed to be a living wage? Can we have him saying ‘No, I remember when it was instituted. It was supposed to be a living wage, senator.’

Can we talk about Steve Rogers supporting a raise in SNAP benefits, because he knows how it feels to go hungry?

Can we talk about Steve Rogers having problems with this country’s military industrial complex?


What if Right Wing Politicians were using him as like a mascot before he was defrosted. Like Fox News has “What Would Captain America Do?” shirts and shit like that.

And then Steve wakes up “He’s just like, lol no don’t even say my name anymore.”

And then the daily show has an entire segment dedicated to the speech he gives and fox news’ reaction.

Steve Rogers is not the hyper-masculine ultra-patriotic gun-toting conservative puppet that Fox News wants him to be. 

The news media has a field day on both sides about how he reacted to fox news. 

Liberals and dems are cheering him on and talking about how great he is and having him speak on shows and conservatives and republicans are enraged and offended and yell about how he has betrayed them and try to get him to mess up in interviews and go “well no but you really mean this right?” and he blasts them down every time. 

I need this written 4000 years ago 

I feel uncomfortable turning Captain America into the subject of a highly partisan argument. He’s supposed to represent universal American values like democracy, liberty and freedom. He is a better representation of classical liberalism and founding principles than he is of either the Republican or Democratic parties. The idea of Captain America is to unite people, not divide them.

Theoretically yes. 

Non-theoretically, he was made to represent the 1940s liberal ideals. 

Non-theoretically, he was the son of a single mother who grew up in New York in poverty.

Non-theoretically, he was made by Jews to fight against the oppression they experienced at that time. 

Non-theoretically, Steve is leftist as fuck.

The entire plot of Cap2 is “Look at how fucked up the American Military Industrial Complex is! Look at it! We need to literally blow it up and tear it down. It can not be saved. It is corrupt to the core.” 

Like, that’s the entire plot of the movie. Three soldiers finding out how truly fucked up the American military industrial complex is and deciding to end that shit. It’s a two hour criticism of domestic surveillance and American military force framed as a peacekeeping measure littered with explosions. 

Steve is left of center as the day is long. 

Allow me to quote Steve Attewell about one of my favorites:

Steve Rogers grew up poor in the Great Depression, the son of a single mother who insisted he stayed in school despite the trend of the time (his father died when he was a child; in some versions, his father is a brave WWI veteran, in others an alcoholic, either or both of which would be appropriate given what happened to WWI veterans in the Great Depression) and then orphaned in his late teens when his mother died of TB.[2] And he came of age in New York City at a time when the New Deal was in full swing, Fiorello LaGuardia was mayor, the American Labor Party was a major force in city politics, labor unions were on the move, the Abraham Lincoln Brigade was organizing to fight fascism in Spain in the name of the Popular Front, and a militant anti-racist movement was growing that equated segregation at home with Nazism abroad that will eventually feed into the “Double V” campaign.

Then he became a fine arts student. To be an artist in New York City in the 1930s was to be surrounded by the “Cultural Front.” We’re talking the WPA Arts and Theater Projects, Diego Rivera painting socialist murals in Rockefeller Center, Orson Welles turning Julius Caesar into an anti-fascist play and running an all-black Macbeth and “The Cradle Will Rock,” Paul Robeson was a major star, and so on. You couldn’t really be an artist and have escaped left-wing politics. And if a poor kid like Steve Rogers was going to college as a fine arts student, odds are very good that he was going to the City College of New York at a time when an 80% Jewish student body is organizing student trade unions, anti-fascist rallies, and the “New York Intellectuals” were busily debating Trotskyism vs. Stalinism vs. Norman Thomas Socialism vs. the New Deal in the dining halls and study carrels.

And this Steve Rogers, who’s been exposed to all of what New York City has to offer, becomes an explicit anti-fascist. In the fall of 1940, over a year before Pearl Harbor, he first volunteers to join the army to fight the Nazis specifically. This isn’t an apolitical patriotism forged out of a sense that the U.S has been attacked; rather, Steve Rogers had come to believe that Nazism posed an existential threat to the America he believed in. New Deal America.”

The whole article (he knocks on Mark Millar!):

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the weathers getting warmer :/

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there are honestly tears in my eyes because everything after stage five is so funny

you all laugh but this is so true and i think it’s a fabulous sensation! the more surreal and abstractness we allow the better we will be

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July 23 2014





new aesthetic: surreal pop punk

your shorts are glowing and are made of a material not known to this world. your vans die and regenerate every night. every band does covers of gregorian chants. your bangs extend into infinity.

fall out void

Abandon your mortal form and ascend to a higher plane! at the disco

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two sketchbooks I made last night- the witch one is for my good friends birthday (80 pages) and the little one is for me (36 pages)



here man i got the perfect book for u


with super-sturdy pages for your idiot hands

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